Signs you are gambling too much

Do you love gambling? How can you tell if you are addicted or not? On this piece, we will show you signs you are overly gambling and so much more.

Maybe you go to Las Vegas to play slots machine once in a while just for fun, or bingo once every week, you play poker occasionally or bingo a couple of times a year. You subconsciously set a limit and promise yourself never to go beyond that threshold, that’s not a problem. But if you find yourself playing to make more money, or when you get tired, then you might have a gambling addiction.

While this piece isn’t for problem gamblers but players who are still relatively able to control their habit, we hope problem gamblers can learn from it too. Even as a responsible gambler, there are times you’d need to step back and ask yourself critical questions. You might need to take a break; you’ll find out once you are done reading this.

Losing sleep more often than not.

Loss of sleep may be a result of many things in your life, and gambling might not be one of them. However, when you start having difficulty sleeping, cross-examine yourself to find out if the reason has something to do with your frequent visit to the casino. One of the reasons why you probably have difficulties getting sleep is as a result of your losing streak and how it’s affecting your finances. Or are you losing sleep because you’d instead log on to your online casino dashboard and play poker?

Your funds are ‘drying up.’

Are you losing money? This is the most straightforward sign to recognize and act on as soon as you can when you start losing funds, staking more than you would, then its time to back off. When your losing streak becomes high, then we recommend taking a break and spend more time with family and friends instead. This also means you have to develop your skills. Games such as blackjacks or poker can be learned.  To stop losing money while gambling, you either stop entirely or learn the skills.

When you prefer gambling in lieu of resting.

Most problem gamblers are guilty of this. They don’t stop gambling when they are tired. When you gamble while you are stressed out, you are prone to make mistakes, bad calls that would lead to more loss. If the odds are stacked against you, playing when you are tired won’t help you. Park it up and get some rest, it will help your mind.

Keep falling behind on your bill payments.

This tends to happen when your financial life is not in order. When you can’t pay your light bill, then once again you need to take a closer look at how gambling habit is building in you some practices that feel like the bill payment in your home don’t matter anymore. In the long run, gamblers will lose money, and when that happens to you, how do you do go about it?

Your social life is dwindling.

Its always hard to see one’s true self when one is lost in the space of overly pursuing a habit. You can’t easily recognize these flaws unless you talk about it with your loved ones or ask yourself pertinent questions. If you don’t think about it, you won’t feel there is a need to backtrack on it. Some of the most natural things to look out for include constant agreement with loved ones over your gambling issue. Are you picking fights with your parents, friends, or colleagues at work? If yes, then there lies the answer you seek.

When you have trouble stopping when you’ve lost

If you are unable to stop when your losing streak is wracked up high, and your money is dwindling, then you should step back. Not knowing when to stop is a contributing factor to some of the devastating consequences of over gambling and not knowing when to quit.

When gambling becomes your dirty little secret.

The question is, why are you hiding your gambling activity? Even if you can’t figure out why this is happening to you, we still recommend reducing the tine your s[end while you are gambling online. Pay attention to this whenever you start hiding your gambling activities from your family or other people who you value, then its clear that something is happening. To get to the root cause, you need to answer an important question.

Some Myths attached to this.

  • Gambling is only a problem when you play every day. If you think you are not a problem gambler because you only gamble once a week, then you don’t understand what compulsive gambling is. it’s not just about how frequent; it’s about how long and the physical and mental cost.
  • Compulsive gambling only affects those who don’t have the cash to go on. Being able to pay for your gambling activities doesn’t mean you can’t be a problem gambler.
  • Problem gamblers are usually steered into an unhealthy gambling habit. That’s not true. You’ll find problem gamblers not being able to take responsibility for their actions. They blame the closest person to them for unfortunate circumstances.

Compulsive gambling can have a devastating effect on people. It disrupts a gambler’s daily life while drawing him away from the people he cares about. One of the reasons why you are on this page right now is because you can feel that something’s not right.

So you said you love gambling and don’t plan on stopping now, well, that’s a choice. But use the signs we’ve listed to know if you are becoming a problem gambler or not. Reiteratively, the step to recovery is taking action. In this case, you’ve chosen to learn more about your activities. Once you are able to ask yourself the right questions and you can be honest while at it, then you are good to go.

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